AIG MyGuardian Malaysia is actually a top-rated insurance agency in Malaysia. The insurance coverage they provide is supposed to aid relieve needless monetary pressure and troubles in sad mishaps. Moreover, insurance coverage is supposed to assure you to rest easy with the knowledge that your future is looked after.

You can find four essential insurance policies that each person should have inside their lives- property, automobile, vacation, and private automobile accident insurance plans. AIG Malaysia provides guidelines for all of these circumstances to help you ensure that you are taken care of from all aspects. Wherever you could be in everyday life, look at obtaining an insurance policy with AIG.

AIG’s vacation insurance coverages lengthen to home-based journey and international travelling, as well as students venturing internationally for education. One reward that may be found in these three guidelines consists of worldwide assistance services, by using a 24-hr crisis group completely ready to help you in the case of trauma or incident.

AIG Malaysia

Should you be a home proprietor, you should think about acquiring some property insurance to guard yourself against unnecessary charges that could incur in case your residence or its elements are broken. In addition, property insurance effectively protects you from natural disasters, robbery, or thievery. AIG also provides fiscal assist in the event you require option holiday accommodation.

Do you use your vehicle when your primary function of travelling? Then, consider acquiring automobile insurance with AIG and guard your vehicle against burglary, fireplace, and many more. Along with a complete safety program, various include-on coverages help make the master plan even more air flow-tight and increase any determined collection.

Individual Automobile Accident Insurance plans are vital in case there are sudden and unforeseen mishaps. AIG supplies six different standard techniques to fit your specific needs, along with add-on rewards like day-to-day healthcare facility revenue and health-related costs reimbursements. This policy is also a yearly insurance coverage product.

Insurance plans are over a shield- it is also a good investment in your family and your potential. Here at AIG MyGuardian Malaysia, we help you save that potential through our thorough and flexible insurance policies, which are ideal for all lifestyles. You should get the best match for the long term right now at

Precisely what is Maggi?

Were only available in Switzerland and settled in Malaysia after self-reliance, Maggi is preferred for foods items adored by Malaysians, including fast noodles and spices. Our accomplishment is making Gold for that 2019 Putra Company Awards 2019 under Nestle. Malaysians want to use Maggi cup as halal food and things that can certainly make cooking food a breeze.

What Maggi Gives

Maggi is preferred for the flavourful immediate noodles in flavours like curry and chicken breast. We supply sauces, like chilli and oyster marinade, to use as condiments or flavouring to the cooking. Our seasoning products like our bouillon cubes can also make the cooking food a cinch. We have fast spaghetti and combines that you should produce food quickly.

Our Must-Try Quality recipes

We also give a catalogue of recipes made simple with Maggi goods. If you are looking for poultry recipes, you can consider our sambal chicken in soy products sauce or poultry rendang produced yummy with CukupRasa. For meat fans, we have dishes for delicious beef fried noodles, and meat dendeng manufactured greater with these stock cubes.

Maggi MY

Swift-Fix Meals

Will you need something speedy and yummy? Try out our easy dishes with CukupRasa and fried rice seasoning features, like our Chinese fried rice formula. Quality recipes for fish and shellfish are available, like our prawns protected in hot and spicy and sourness from our Tomyum Mixture. Offer nourishing plant quality recipes like fried kangkung belacan or salted fish kailan with these stock cubes.

Worldwide Style With Maggi

Make meals from all around the world at home with Maggi items. We now have western recipes such as the meaty meatloaf and styles in the East like lamb dumplings and kung pao fowl. Our teriyaki poultry menu with Maggi oyster marinade for any speedy Japanese meal and Arab meals such as the chicken breast Arab rice, made out of Maggi stock cubes.

Special Projects with Maggi

Since Maggi is such a highly recognized brand worldwide, our goods have even been contained in wilderness dishes. For instance, kheer, a regular Indian pudding manufactured from rice and milk, may also be created using the noodles from Maggi 2-Minute Noodles. Besides that, cooks food also have incorporated Maggi goods inside their treat recipes like potato crisps and much more.

Useful Tips from Maggi

Our tips and tricks are to optimise your cooking food to help you get more time with the family. Maggi can assist you in finding the ideal pair of pasta, fry seafood professionally, or make it properly to save cash, time, along with your health. You may also understand more about decluttering your kitchen area to let you have an excellent cooking area in your own home.

Maggi As Your Choice

If you wish to prepare effortlessly and speedy, make Maggi cup the merchandise of choice now. Maggi merchandise can full plenty of meal recipes flexibly to ensure that you can put together meals with ready items in your own cooking area. Our set of recipes can also help you quickly generate various foods whenever you don’t determine what to cook for the entire day.